RON-FOREX unites the traditional currency trading with the most modern mathematical possibilities of today.


A study of the Harvard University has identified that just 5% of market participants are responsible for future movements in the financial markets.

We, Ron-FOREX, took on this issue already years ago and dedicated ourselves to the research of these investors.

In order to calculate future investment decisions of these market-dominating investors we receive complex economic data from the European Central Bank (ECB) daily at fixed times.

Our team of analysts succeeded in putting this data in the right relation and developed a specifically unique algorithm which is able to calculate future movements in the currency market (FOREX).

The result is known as “real volatility growth“ which is divided into two defining directions:

  • RMV-real market value (long-dated)
  • SL-short / long calculator (short-dated)

For the forex trader this is an important and essential tool to foresee the trading process.

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